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About My Mediumship

I have always said that my psychic gift is merely a tool through which connection between consciousnesses can be accessed. I am simply a colander through which energy and messages can be exchanged, no more no less. 

My grandmother was an intuitive psychic of Italian ancestry. Our people were from the area of Benevento, Italy that served as a hot spot for the seers, or Stregas, of that time. I learned many things from my grandmother, including how to recognize and honor those "gut" feelings, and to never be ashamed of who you were or what gift you brought to the world.

I've been reading professionally for over 25 years. It still amazes me that each and every time I connect for you, I learn just as much as you do about spirit, consciousness and connectivity. I will always feel blessed and grateful for that opportunity. I look forward to being a part of your journey.

"Cori, she is lovely...she helps you understand the people you have lost. Her abilities will astound you." - Kaari

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