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Cori Savenelli AsbelSpirit Medium & Reiki II Practitioner

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We are constantly being guided. We are moved by intuition, nature, and by many beings who walk these paths with us. We are gifted with a connection to life force energy.

We are given courage when we need it, hope when we lack it, and answers when we need them. Sometimes, it is hard to receive these attributes because we don't know where to find them, or even how to recognize them.

Between our experiences of these interventions and our recognition of them lies a thin veil. A veil we can't see, a veil we can only feel as a barrier, a locked door between us and those in spirit; a door we have forgotten how to open. The most important of all our senses, is the one we are rarely taught to use. The one that recognizes the thinness and transparency of this veil and encourages its access.

My name is Cori, and I am a born psychic medium and Reiki II practitioner. I have read professionally for over 25 years. I have made my life and journey about reading for and guiding people to their own understanding and acceptance of the connectivity between all things, the great ability we all have to expand our consciousness, and to experience oneness and connectivity not as something to be achieved, but to be allowed.


Art Credit  M. Thaddaus

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