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It's more than a reading, it is talking to someone who is a part of your soul tribe. She helps to light a pathway of new thought(s) and/or perspective(s) through the aid of her guides and yours. An unforgettable experience. I'm glad I took a chance and decided to get a reading.
-Monique G.
My reading with Cori was great. She is kind and patient and my readings were very helpful at a very hard time. She was spot on about some very important, life changing events. I am very grateful my friend referred me to her!
Cori came highly recommended to me over three years ago by a close friend of mine whom I trusted. I had never done a session with a medium before talking to Cori. At the time I was experiencing many transitions in my personal and professional life as well as navigating the beginning of an intense spiritual awakening, and didn't hesitate to book a call with her. Since that first call, Cori's spiritual guidance has been such a pivotal anchor for me while I've navigated quitting my corporate job to start my business, navigating both romantic and platonic relationships, and grounding me through many existential spiritual crises. I've taken diligent notes during all of our sessions (around 3-4 times per year), and to my astonishment at times, they have never been inaccurate as I've actively stayed on my path remaining as connected as possible to my higher self. Needless to say, I think Cori has now read for my entire circle of closest friends. From those friends I always get a resounding "THANK YOU" for the introduction of Cori's gifts into their lives. Cori has truly impacted my life in such a meaningful and positive way. She is a gift and a blessing to all who have the opportunity to speak with her.


Cori has a true gift from God and has helped me through a lot of trying times. After losing my mom in 2021, Cori has been basically on speed dial for me and I don't know how I would have made it through the last few years without her guidance. She has restored some of my faith and is a true light.
After the first time I spoke with Cori it honestly changed my entire perspective on the human experience. I left that conversation feeling lighter and freer. That feeling has stayed since then and I've grown to understand myself, and my connection to my purpose, and they have grown exponentially. Each time I speak with Cori I gain a piece of insight that has truly helped me heal, feel inspired and work through the energetic blocks I encounter. Perhaps more memorably, it have given me the opporrunitiy to connect with my family in a way that I never knew was possible. For anyone looking to find answers and peace, Cori will undoubtedly guide you in the right direction.
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